Jiglok. From the idea that a jigsaw is worthless with a piece missing

Traditional locks, when broken, allow a thief to ride away and sell your bike complete

Jiglok provides a whole new level of additional security. Its removable ‘key’ is a vital part of the bike itself

Without Jiglok, your bike is incomplete, can’t be ridden & can’t be sold

Jiglok allows your bike to fold flat, making storage so much easier

Effective & Obvious

Jiglok is unique to each bike and when removed, disconnects the forks internally

When parked, the handlebars turn, but the wheel doesn’t. It’s clear your bike is disabled to anyone touching it

Integrated & Simple

The bike is built around Jiglok & unlike anything else, is not a bolt on device that can simply be replaced

Jiglok has no small parts to break or seize, adds no bulk to the bike or spoils the look

How it works

Jiglok is manufactured into both the frame & forks

The Jiglok 'key' is removed through the matching shaped keyhole with the Goldhawk spanner

The forks are now disconnected internally, meaning the handlebar no longer turns the wheel

Your bike is effectively incomplete, can't be ridden & stores flat

When re-fitting Jiglok, the ingenious latching mechanism re-aligns the fork

Jiglok fits in your pocket. You can't leave home without it!

Jiglok can't be..

Broken - There's nothing to break because the vital part stays with you when parked

Picked - Jiglok has thousands of variations and every feature is CNC machined to exacting tolerances, so no substitute will fit

Removed - Jiglok is integrated into the very heart of the bike with its own security features. Get past those and the forks still need replacing

We believe this amounts to too much trouble for a thief and your bike will be left alone


The custom designed Goldhawk spanner is also a multi-tool with hex bits for everyday adjustments

With its powerful red torch, it also attaches as a backup rear light. Handy..

Every Goldhawk Bike comes with a spare coded Jiglok key. Only the registered owner can order replacements

When used with a conventional lock, Jiglok protects your bike out and about. At home or work, it's fold flat feature makes indoor storage so much easier