Hand Built Limited Edition Rodax with 1x11 gearing, Steel and carbon frameset and hydraulic disc brakes

No spending limits...! no longer have a £1000 purchase limit.

Now, anyone can get themselves the amazing Goldhawk Rodax.  Rated 10/10 by Road CC

AND save between 25% and 35% on the price

AND pay monthly

AND load up with options and accessories

(not David Coulthards wheel though, that's ours..)

It's a bit of a faff to do, but when the savings are this big, it's well worth it!

Hand built Goldhawk Rodax with Panaracer Gravel Tyres and Portuer rack options and accessories

How it works...

  • Choose your Goldhawk.  Add any options and accessories.
  • Your employer purchases through the scheme.
  • You lease the bike from your employer for 12 months.
  • The monthly payments are treated by the Tax Man as a ‘salary sacrifice’ and you pay no Tax or NI on them, saving between 25% and 35% on the price.
  • After 12 months, you pay 7% of the bike value (eg £98) to Cylescheme.
  • With NO FURTHER PAYMENTS, the bike stays ‘hired’ to you for 36 months and then ownership is all yours.

The process might sound involved, but don't worry, Goldhawk and are here to help...

Cyclescheme payment table showing between 25% and 35% savings

Your savings...

Here's an example of the savings for both Basic and Higher rate taxpayers.

We've used just the price of a Goldhawk collected from us, but don't forget, we ship as well.

Plus, you can add any amount of options and accessories.  Just contact us to discuss.

Looks like an urban bike. Rides like a road bike

Let's do this thing...

If they haven’t already, your employer can sign up to Cyclescheme HERE

It takes just a few minutes, it’s free and there’s no obligation to purchase anything.

Your employer is then issued with a membership number.

Choose your package.  This can be just a Goldhawk or you can add options and accessories.  Get in touch and we'll price everything up.

We prepare you a quotation if required.

Don't settle for a dull commute. Love your ride to work with a Goldhawk Rodax


Head over to and submit your application.

Sign up is free and you will need your employers membership number.

Your employer then approves the application via the Cyclescheme website.

You then receive your Cyclescheme certificate which you present to us before we hand over or ship your bike.

You then start making your monthly payments.

After 12 months, pay the 7% deposit to Cyclescheme to continue hiring the bike for 36 months.  There are no further payments after this.

After that, full ownership is yours!

We got there!!!