Goldhawk Bikes

Serious bikes for regular riders

Hand crafted frames. High spec components

Designed & assembled in the UK

Jiglok Technology

A new approach to bike security & exclusive to Goldhawk

Jiglok disables your bike by making it incomplete

Without Jiglok, your bike can't be ridden


An independent British company making fantastic bikes you won't be afraid to leave outside

Designed through testing, learning & experience, we produce performance bikes for the roads we know

Jiglok technology, built into every Goldhawk, takes a radical approach to improved security and better storage

‘We took a long look at what worked and what didn’t to create designs for both Goldhawk & Jiglok that delivered on performance, gave a great ride & retained a clean look’


Jiglok not only disables your bike, it makes it pointless to steal it

The removable Jiglok is a vital and unique part of the bike itself

Without Jiglok, your bike is incomplete and can't be ridden

Remove Jiglok and the handlebars turn flat. That’s storage taken care of

'Traditional locks, no matter how good they are, can always be broken, allowing a thief to ride away and sell your bike complete. We created an extra layer of security that protects bikes better than just adding more heavy locks and cables'